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Structured Cabling Services

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Cable infrastructure is the foundation of modern information systems and, as a result, businesses in the area need to invest in their cabling systems to keep up with the competition. You may be getting by with a point-to-point cabling system, but for how much longer? A point-to-point system quickly becomes bulky, making it difficult for technicians to run new cables or change connections. It also raises potential problems such as blocked airflow, added insertion loss and crushed or stressed cables. Any one of these factors can contribute to decreased performance or downtime.

Since you know as well as anyone that your business can’t afford to suffer from decreased performance or any extended downtime, investing in structured cabling is worth your while, especially when it is provided by a team of trained professionals as the ones on staff at VerTex Electric Inc..

At VerTex Electric Inc., we understand that as networks grow and the fast transfer of huge amounts of data is more essential, maintaining older point-to-point cabling systems, along with the thousands of cords necessary to operate them, places a massive and, ultimately, unnecessary strain on a company’s IT resources.

To relieve the strain that point-to-point cabling places on area businesses, VerTex Electric Inc. has been proud to help them make the switch the structured cabling systems. Instead of connecting each individual component of a network directly to another, a structure cabling system connects the servers and storage units directly to a communication backbone.

When you choose VerTex Electric Inc. to help you make the switch, our licensed and insured team of professionals will install local cabling panels throughout your office and connect it to the communication backbone with a single cable. A user will be able to connect their device to the entire network by simply a short cable into the closest cabling panel.

For a free estimate on this process, give VerTex Electric Inc. a call today.


Why Structured Cabling Is a Smart Investment

It pays for itself.

Some businesses are deterred from making the switch after they receive their estimate. But, it’s important to remember that this is an investment and you will soon see it pay for itself when your employees are able to be more productive and your overall IT costs are lower.


Reduces repair times.

Since a structured cabling system is divided into a group of devices connected to a single local cable panel, it is much easier for you IT team or subcontractor to identify problems and solve issues. An additional benefit is that users work won’t be disrupted if their devices aren’t connected to the part of the system that’s being worked on.

Helps plan for the future.

Cables have an average lifespan of 15 years. That’s two to three times longer than most devices. The cabling systems you install today are going to be around for a long time, and will be ready to serve several generations of devices. No one knows what the future holds, but at least your business will be prepared for it when you switch to a structured cabling system.

Increases flexibility.

Adding devices to a structured cabling system is significantly easier than with point-to-point cabling systems.

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For more information or a free estimate on our structured cabling services, contact VerTex Electric Inc. today.

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