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Electrical Repair Services

Call us at (406) 600-0865 or 406-595-5902

Equipment Repair

With our broad range of experience, we know how to repair almost any type of electrical equipment in a pinch. Whether you have a circuit shortage, or your restaurant’s industrial dishwasher breaks down, VerTex Electric has got you covered.

Our experience stretches far beyond your typical electrical needs. We specialize in solving even the most irregular electrical problems. At VerTex Electric we can repair just about anything, including:

  • Transformers

  • Motors

  • Buck-boost Transformers

  • Disconnects

  • Fuses

  • Woodworking equipment including saws, saw mills, sanders, cutters, and more!

  • Industrial appliances

  • Commercial HVAC equipment

  • Commercial Restaurant equipment

  • Fueling Sites

  • Lighting repairs

  • Commercial control panels

  • Programmable Logic Controllers

  • Metal working equipment including power brakes, presses, CNC Machines, and more!

Contact Us today!

Though we rely on it all the time, electricity is not a force you want to mess with. Leave the repairs to the professionals at VerTex Electric Inc. because we can handle it safely, efficiently and effectively.

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