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Electrical Heating Services

Call us at (406) 600-0865 or 406-595-5902

Heating in Montana is a necessity most months of the year.  The comfort of your indoor environment is an essential part a happy and healthy life.  Maintaining a warm indoor environment is also critical to the proper performance of the mechanical and plumbing systems as well.

Vertex Electric has experience with all types of heating systems.

  • Electric baseboard heat

  • Electric forced air heat

  • Gas forced air heat

  • Radiant floor heat

  • Hydronic heat

  • Infrared heat

  • Outdoor heating

  • Construction heat

  • Unit heating

Contact us today!

For more information about why electrical heating is right for you, or to schedule an inspection, give us a call today. Our experienced staff is always eager to help more people in the area, so call today!

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